Important Information

Information about Humberside Airport’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Updated 07 October 2020. Humberside Airport remains open for flights and we have followed Government advice on putting measures in place to ensure the continued safety of our customers, as well as airport staff. These measures are detailed in our Restart & Recovery 10-Point Plan, which also includes guidance for passengers on what to expect and how to prepare for travel through the airport. You can find the plan by clicking on ‘At the Airport’ above and then ‘Security and Travel Advice, where you will find the 10-Point Plan in the Related Information. We would ask that you follow the guidance within the plan. Passengers should continue to contact their airline for any information on flights. With the return of some flights we have adjusted our airport opening times to the following: Mon-Weds 07:45 - 18:30, Thu-Fri 08:45 – 18:30, Saturday is by prior agreement, Sunday 08:45 – 10:45 and 15:30 - 17:30.

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Legal Notices

Airlines subject to an operating ban in the European Union

Humberside Airport is obliged under EU Regulation No 2111/2005 to publish via its website a list of airlines subject to an operating ban within the European Union.   View the current list, as published by the European Commission*.

*the European Commission maintains and publishes the detailed list of carriers subject to an operating ban on the European Union Transport website.

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