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CAR PARKING. Please do not stop or park on any of the airports roads which are marked with yellow lines or within the bus stop area. You may be liable for a fine. Please utilise the free 15 minute drop off and collection area which is situated in car park 1, which also has specially designed walkways for passengers with reduced mobility. Blue Badge holders may also park in this area and contact information desk for assistance with wheel chairs etc.

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Humberside Airport ramps up accessibility to be amongst the UK’s elite


Humberside Airport has received a top accolade for the support it offers disabled passengers – putting it among the best in the UK.

 The Airport has been named as ‘very good’ by the Civil Aviation Authority’s annual report on the accessibility of the UK’s largest airports to disabled passengers.  This is the highest rating given to any airport in the UK, which Humberside Airport has consistently achieved over the last four years.

 ‘Very good’ airports must provide high-quality support to passengers with any form of disability on the day of travel, seek feedback from users on the service provided and consult with local disability groups.

 The success comes as the airport reveals its latest investment in new equipment to improve the customer experience by improving accessibility to aircraft and air travel.  The equipment known as an Aviramp is a series of ramps which replace aircraft steps, enabling wheelchair users to remain in the chair all the way up to the aircraft door.

 Humberside Airport has also introduced sunflower lanyards – staff will be able to provide additional assistance to those with hidden disabilities wearing the lanyard. Sunflower lanyards have grown in popularity over the last few months and are fast becoming the established symbol of hidden disabilities in the UK, available to those with autism, dementia or a visual impairment, for example.

 Deborah Zost, Managing Director at Humberside Airport, said: “We are delighted to have received the ‘very good’ rating from the CAA for accessibility and provision for passengers with a disability.  It is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of the staff involved in providing this service.”

 “We want people visiting Humberside Airport to have an excellent, stress-free experience.  At the heart of that is enabling access both around the airport and getting to their flights.  The investment in the Aviramp displays our continuing commitment to further improve the service provided to all our passengers. “

 “We always endeavour to go above and beyond for our customers.  This includes producing a booklet to help prepare anyone who may be anxious about their journey through the airport.  We are always looking at ways to further improve the experience and we are here to help anyone who has any concerns.”